Deb Carpenter-Nolting

Deb Carpenter-Nolting is a writing teacher by trade, and she has found it a natural progression to use the art forms of poetry, song, and story to instruct as well as entertain.  She has taught in one-room country schools in Nebraska; high schools in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming; and tribal, state, and community colleges in South Dakota and Nebraska.

In tandem with her teaching career, Deb has written and published short stories, poems, articles, essays, a book on natural cosmetics, and a creative nonfiction book about Ed Wiseman's attack by a grizzly bear. She has written dozens of songs and has performed her songs, poems, and stories nationally and internationally. She is a Humanities Nebraska Speaker, where she and Lyn Messersmith offer several educational programs presented in poetry and song.

Deb recently retired from full-time teaching to devote herself to the craft of writing.